South Jersey Meetup forming

July 30, 2008

I wish to announce the formation of the first kritarchy meetup, the South Jersey Kritarchy Meetup,

What does one do at a kritarchy meetup? Obviously, the first thing you do is make sure everyone present understands what a ‘kritarchy’ is (a free market form of government in which there are no subjects, rulers, or legislatures; in which courts, judges, and police services are chosen by the litigants; in which law is not arbitrary legislation but common law discovered within natural law; in which victims rights (not punishment of offenders at the expense of taxpayers) are the priority; in which taxation is illegal; in which the inalienable human rights of life, liberty, and property of every individual are upheld).

When everyone at least has a basic understanding of that, you proceed to discuss exactly what it takes to enable a kritarchy to exist in the midst of a territory controlled  by a monopoly government (I’m sorry… you do WHAT?!). For example, how could the South Jersey Kritarchy manage to exist as a real government within Cherry Hill, within Camden County, and within the United States of America? (Are you beginning to see the issues?)

Then, and this should be a much more enjoyable part of the meeting, you discuss natural law, and begin to formulate a common law based on natural law. This is done by analysing current events, recent court cases, and determine how, in a kritarchy, these would be handled differently. The results of these discussions would be published on this site for the benefit of other intrepid souls who would also like to be kritarchists, wherever they may be.


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