Great article on Panarchy

January 22, 2009

Professor Michael Rozeff has a wonderful article today on entitled “Why I am a Panarchist”. I wrote the following memo to Professor Rozeff in response.

Professor Rozeff,

I was once again energized by one of your articles on LRC. I have written to you before about my interest in kritarchy. I see kritarchy is one positive expression of panarchy (as would potentially be many other forms of government so long as they are truly “by the consent of the governed”).

Panarchy, by contrast, seems to describe not so much a form of government as a philosophy of morality that opposes enslavement by government, and has a distinct mission as a result. That mission is to bring people together who oppose government without consent without regard to how they individually wish to be governed. Panarchy is an expression of civil rights as well as basic human rights.

What is needed, it seems to me, is a Declaration of Freedom from Government Without Consent that expresses first the negative aspects (why we oppose government that is non-consensual), and the positive aspects (what we intend to do about it).

You certainly would be the best person to enumerate the reasons why we oppose government without consent, and why we desire to say to government “let us go” (I cannot help hearing the voice of Moses in this). Let me take a moment to put together some statements expressing the positive aspects.

1. Panarchists will create chapters throughout the country and the world of like-minded people who believe that no government should force any individual person to be subject to it.

2. Each chapter will meet locally on the third Sunday of every May (a day to be called Panarchy Day) in order to proclaim panarchy, to petition their local government to “let us go”, and to provide information about panarchy to their neighbors and friends.

3. We endorse every form of non-violent opposition to governments that insist on governing those of us who do not give our explicit consent to be so governed.

I chose the third Sunday of May as Panarchy Day for a number of reasons. First, it will be a good day in most localities for an outdoor celebration. Second, it will not directly interfere with the plans of many families who use the Memorial Day weekend for other pursuits. Third, as it becomes more successful over time, it might replace Memorial Day as a meaningful day of celebration at the beginning of the summer season.

What are your thoughts?


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