What should I say to my fellow citizens?

January 27, 2009

For a kritarchy to exist (it being a particular form of government, one that is free-market and based on natural law), it is first necessary to create a space in which it may exist. Panarchy, which proposes that the right to “exit in place” from any government constitutes a human right, is the philosophical foundation for the effort to create that space; hence my interest in panarchy.

To that end, I have drafted a letter to send to all my fellow citizens in the New Jersey town where I live.

Americans are rightly proud of their history. Those who first came to these shores from Europe faced a very uncertain future, yet came nonetheless, because they had courage.

When they began to suffer from injustices perpetrated by their own rulers in England, they stood up and declared their independence, pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. And more than this, they turned away from familiar forms of government and established their own, knowing that, as human beings, they had that unalienable right. Government, after all, gets its right to govern by the consent of the people.

The right to choose for oneself a form of government conducive to ones values and needs did not expire with the last of the founding fathers. We too, as human beings, continue to have this unalienable right. What we do not have, at the present time, is the ability to exercise that right. This is a situation that we, the Panarchy Society of Cherry Hill, wish to correct.

Our intention is to approach the government of Cherry Hill to negotiate an agreement that will give all citizens of Cherry Hill the right to choose for themselves and their families not to be governed by the current local government, but to be excused from all the rights and obligations that, up to this time, have been chosen for them as subjects of that government, the Municipality of Cherry Hill Township.

While the proposed agreement would give to all citizens of Cherry Hill the right to choose to be governed or not to be governed by the current local government, we assume that most will not avail of the right to not be so governed. To those we say, that is your right. But to those who say that we do not have the right to choose, we fervently disagree, and will not let the injustice of having this right denied to us stand.

A meeting has been called, to which all are invited. We especially welcome those who wish to join the petition of the Panarchy Society. To all our fellow inhabitants of Cherry Hill we say, remember your history, and stand up for your rights. All of them.


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