…you suspect it might not be a great idea to give other people, with the same very fallible human nature as you, complete control over your life.
…you think that justice should be more about making the victim whole rather than enriching the government and impoverishing the taxpayer.
…you want to be able to choose the form of government you live under without having to leave your country to do it.
…you want to live under a form of government where power is decentralized, while principles are universal, instead of power being centralized and principles being arbitrary.
…you know that statutory laws, created by legislatures, are inferior to universally-applicable customary laws based on human nature.
…you think that a form of government that depends on creating two artificial classes of human beings, namely, rulers and subjects, is wrong.
…you think that a free market system of courts and police might be better than one created by a territorial monopoly of coercion.
…you are pretty sure that you can do a better job of figuring out what to do with your money than any government.
…you suspect that monopolistic governments are inherently dehumanizing, treating you like chattel, rather than the free person you know yourself to be.
…you know that government is supposed to be by consent, and you don’t, but they are governing you anyway.


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